Project Description

Ben Green

Associate Director

MEng Aerospace Engineering and Business, The University of Manchester

  • Where did you start out your career?

I began my way in the world of fire safety engineering at the Building Research Establishment in Watford. This provided me with a great place to learn, surrounded by some great minds and facilities.

  • Why did you choose a career in fire engineering?

I have always had a keen interest in the built environment, science, and engineering. It became clear that the field of fire safety engineering enabled me to foster each of these interests quite nicely, and I have been enjoying the role and the challenges it brings ever since.

  • What has been your favourite project?

I was involved heavily with the design and construction of Bloomberg’s new flagship office accommodation in Central London, Queen Victoria Street. This project was great to work on. The scheme provided a great number of challenges from a client and design team striving for new and innovative solutions across the building services spectrum. This provided an opportunity to really explore and challenge typical conceptions within fire safety design as well as collaborate with various teams, lending our expertise for assistance in life safety, property protection, business continuity and security.

  • What is your role within Semper?

My role within the business is to lead and grow the team moving forward. I pride myself on delivering a quality product to all clients at all stages of design and construction whilst building personable and strong relationships in the process. I want to ensure that this approach is valued and delivered throughout our team.

  • What would be your dream project?

Given my love of the sporting world, I have been lucky enough to have had some involvement in a number of schemes related to sport. That said, leading on a flagship stadium development from start to finish would be a big tick in the box for me.