Project Description

Kevin Kurniawan

Fire Engineer

MSc Fire Safety Engineering, IMFSE; BSc Civil Engineering, Universitas Tarumanagara

  • Where did you start out your career?

I began my career as a structural engineer in a building consultancy company in Indonesia. Then I moved from working behind the desk to working at site as structural site engineer and structural site supervisor for a local contractor company and a developer company respectively. During that process, I realized that fire was often neglected and it sparked my interest in learning more about fire. After that, I went for the IMFSE programme in 2018 with Erasmus+ scholarship and graduated in 2020. Now here I am working at Semper to start my career as a fire engineer!

  • Why did you choose a career in fire engineering?

I found it to be a very interesting topic. Every project has its own complexities and you will always feel challenged when working on a new project.

  • What appealed about Semper?

The fact that Semper is a growing company immediately appealed to me as we can learn much more here than in bigger companies. Also, the way Semper explained their view and what they expected of me motivated me to grow professionally with them.

  • What’s your biggest strength?

I’m a tech-savvy guy and I like the idea about how computers can improve our efficiency. I always try to use computer software when necessary so that I can do more in less time.