Project Description

Rob Hewitt

Associate – Fire Surveyor

BSc (Hons) Building Control Engineering, Leeds Metropolitan University; MRICS; MCABE; MIFireE

  • Where did you start out your career?

I started my construction career straight from school when I became an assistant site engineer, known then as a chain lad, in 1984. My first position as a Building Control Officer was with Crewe and Nantwich District Council and I was offered the position on my 21st Birthday. I have worked as a both a Local Authority Building Control Officer and latterly as an Approved Inspector predominantly focusing on the commercial sector.

  • Why have you chosen a career in fire surveying?

Whilst all parts of the Building Regulations are deemed to be equal in terms of their stature and regulatory importance, I am more drawn to certain aspects of the Regulations than others. Fire Safety is amongst those. The tragedy at Grenfell Tower and the subsequent enquiry has heightened my interest and the evidence given at the enquiry has made me question my role as a Building Control Surveyor and the role of Building Control within the wider construction sector.

I enjoy on site surveying and have a skill set that can help deliver and develop on-site compliance in the field of fire safety. Semper’s approach to fire safety seems to reflect my own, with emphasis being placed on the ‘golden thread’ that links design, application and ongoing management in order to achieve sustainable fire safety.

  • What appealed about Semper?

It was the team members rather than the company per se.
I have worked with both Karl and Mike for a number of years. I trust their judgement, integrity and professionalism along with their technical expertise and practical application.

  • What do you enjoy about working there?

Exactly the same things that have brought me to the company, the team members and their work ethos.

  • What’s your biggest strength?

Organisation and clarity of purpose. Both these strengths are essential to the timely delivery of any set task.