Project Description

Shami Smith-Sandhu

Associate Director

BEng Architectural Environment Engineering, University of Nottingham; MSc Fire and Explosion Engineering, University of Leeds; AIFireE

  • Why did you choose a career in fire engineering?

I’ve always wanted to work within some form of architecture and engineering but during my studies I struggled to find a particular career path that really took my interest. After finishing my BEng in 2013, I met with Craig English and some of his colleagues (then the London WSP fire team) and quickly learnt that fire engineering is an incredibly interesting and unique discipline. Shortly after, I was employed as a graduate fire engineer at WSP. Fast-forward a few years and I am still a fire engineer, still fascinated by the subject and still pursuing what I hope will be a long and successful career within the field.

  • When did you join Semper?

I joined in March 2016 as Semper’s first employee, after spending two and a half years working in the fire engineering team at WSP.

  • What is your role in the company?

My main role to date has been project delivery and client management. As the business continues to grow, and more defined structures begin to be put in place, I’m looking forward to being part of shaping roles and responsibilities for myself and others.

  • What has been your favourite project?

Victoria Square in Woking, a large town centre redevelopment project. It’s been a fantastic opportunity for personal and professional development, and have met many great people involved in the design and delivery of the scheme. It will hopefully be one to reflect on in the future as something to be proud of.

  • What would be your dream project?

One involving space colonisation – the application of fire safety design in completely different environments, where many models and engineering principles our industry currently relies on would not work and we’d have to ‘start from scratch’.